Manga Rock

A free manga reading app with recommendations


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  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Android
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  • Program by Not A Basement International

This is an app where you can read anime comics on your Android.

There are several editions of magazines available on Manga Rock. You can read the manga that are available in at least six languages including English, Spanish and French. While using Manga Rock, you can get magazines from over a dozen sources. This gives a wider range of titles to read. There is an option to download several volumes of magazines at one time so that you can read them later.

While the magazines are downloading, you can minimize the screen so that you can do other things on your Android. After the material is downloaded, you can read it on the phone. This prevents sending the material to another source to read it in the future. However, unless you change the font or have a large screen, then it's sometimes hard to see the words. You can change the direction of the script to go from left to right or up and down. Adjusting the brightness is a way to make it easier to see the script on each page. Save the collections that you like so that you can read all of them at one time later.


  • Hundreds of titles
  • Pictures with the magazines
  • Read in different languages


  • Script hard to see